About Doc J’s Wife

Hello there! If you stumbled upon this page, I’m glad you’re here. I started this page because I get asked lots of medical questions, simply because I’m married to a pediatrician. Most of the medical questions are about how we really do things at home. Do we really not turn our kids around until they’re two years old? Do we really give them vitamins every day? Did I really nurse them until they were one? What vaccine schedule do we follow, and why?

Well, I’m an open book sort of girl, so here we are! This has the answers to your questions, for the most part. As I told some one recently, every person who has a family has some area that their lives feel like a fish bowl. There’s some part of our lives where people are curious about how we really do things, so this is where you can find that about our lives. Feel free to ask away; we’re open to your questions and to your criticism, as long as you’re not ugly! Welcome, and look around!


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