The vaccination fear factor…

First of all, thank you all so much for reading any of my posts, but also for your comments on my vaccine post. One of the most recent arguments I’ve heard about not vaccinating, specific to my last post, is that I’m trying to use fear to persuade you to vaccinate. Here are my thoughts regarding that:

1) My last post was simply to tell you the reasons why we vaccinate. I’d never hope that you’d allow a single post from a non-medical person to sway your opinion, to or not to, vaccinate. That’s a discussion for you and a qualified medical person, not me or a cousin or a chiropractor. Qualified medical person.

2) If you choose not to vaccinate, I highly suggest you do some real research (you can start here) about what you’re doing to your kids, yourselves and those around you. It’s not just your family that you’re affecting. No, I don’t want to use essential oils to cure life-threatening things. That’s my right. But it’s also my right to choose to or not to hang out with you and your family if you choose not to vaccinate. At least give me the right by alerting me of your choice.

3) I don’t understand the argument about fear. Yes, it’s scary to me that my kids could catch something, that my baby could be miscarried from exposure to these illnesses (Well, not mine because I’m not pregnant, but any woman who is newly pregnant should be considered. And, did you tell people you were preggo in your first trimester? I didn’t with Caden for fear of a miscarriage. Think about it.), that my friends’ kids could catch something, that these illnesses aren’t taken seriously simply because we’ve never seen them, etc. But, the idea that I’m trying to scare you into vaccinating is false. And, isn’t that what you’re trying to do to me? Aren’t you scared of the multiple shots, the “toxins” you’re exposing your baby to in the vaccines, the fear of “catching” autism? Aren’t you trying to cast doubt into my mind with your arguments or reasons for not vaccinating? If not, why else would you thrust ingredient lists and “facts” about preservatives in the vaccines?  Really, the argument should be this: I’m choosing to protect my kids the best way I know how. You’re choosing not to inject your children with vaccines. There’s fear and risk on both sides of this argument, so let’s quit calling names and just make adult decisions.

4) I love my husband and his heart for medicine. Really, he’s the one you should talk to about vaccines and fear. He has all the facts, he’s qualified to discuss this stuff, but the most important reason is that his heart is that kids stay well. That they stay out of his office and on soccer fields, band concerts and churches. That we’re all as healthy as we can be and enjoy the life that God gave us. None of us knows when He’ll call us home, so we’re doing our best here. I trust that you think you are, too, but it’s so hard for me to listen to someone say that they’ve done their research when there’s no degree that qualifies you to make decisions about medicine. No nursing, no medical school, physicians’ assistant. I love my husband. He’s also a doctor who has studied, knows how to study, and knows about this stuff. I’ll trust him over your arguments and alternative theories any day. Don’t question his heart, but you’re welcome to question the vaccines to him. And, if you ask me, I’ll ask him and answer what I can! And, if you don’t feel comfortable asking your doctor, you should pick a different doctor.